The Heat and the Light: Not just a website.
It’s a mission

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Heat and Light, Passion and Truth

sunrise-300-411Those four words best describe what Heat and Light is all about. It means to speak the truth with passion.

In sum, over time, H & L delivers a Christian-Conservative message. We do it (mostly) with video, audio, and written content. The Heat and the Light is an information-rich environment. Most of the content takes the form of lamentations and exhortations. The lamentations are here to inform and prepare Americans with the unvarnished and sometimes sad truth. We grieve the current conditions.

We lament, but we also offer solutions and point to the source of hope. We are passionate about our mission.

The exhortations are efforts to arouse and inspire fellow Americans with zeal to serve the cause of Liberty, God-given Liberty. We encourage American Patriots to bring the heat and the light on all those who oppose Liberty, God-given Liberty.

To make America better, we need a moral/spiritual revival so that a political revolution may be planted in fertile soil. It just makes sense. Please join us.

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